Lebron is a Great Concept

Gary Bostwick

I hate advertising. Long live advertising.

“God hates Cleveland sports.” Those four beautiful words have provided me creative inspiration and fueled my dreams since childhood.

Those four words also taught me everything I needed to know to succeed in advertising. True story.

Although I wasn’t born yet when Red Right 88 ripped the heart from the Kardiac Kids, the original sin of being a Cleveland sports fan had already marked future-me. Damaged goods on arrival, I was destined for crippling disappointment and cleat-kicks to the balls for all my days ahead.

So infamous and many are Cleveland’s tortured sports moments, they’re each preceded by “The” and have become proper nouns in sports legend.

The Drive. The Fumble. The Shot. The Shot 2. The Move. The Collapse. The Decision. The Afterparty. The Browns Quarterback Jersey of Sadness. The List Could Go On For Days.

Yet in a pool of tears, there’s lots of salt. It’s what has helped season me for every big idea that goes down in flames. Every pitch that’s awarded to the adversary. Every late night of writing and concepting, when I’ve put up airballs all day and just can’t seem to sink one.

Because God hates Cleveland sports, I’ve learned that you simply have to dust off your glasses, lace up your sneakers, and forge ahead for your team. They need you. Your client needs you. The world needs you (cue NFL Films guy voice)!

After all, working in advertising is just like rooting for Cleveland sports. If you keep the passion going long enough, Lebron will show up and give you hope.